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One Company.
Limitless Solutions.

The most powerful call tracking and analytics platform

Callogy ’s revolutionary call tracking technology will change the way you do business forever.

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Phone Verification

Avoid wasting resources by checking cell and landline phone numbers are valid before you get in touch.

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All-in-one cloud contact center solution

Transform customers experiences with the IT-approved cloud call center solution for sales and support teams.

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Clearplot Technologies offers
a variety of SaaS products as well as custom development.


Clearplot is the first and only company to offer an all-in-one solution for business intelligence, data visualization, and predictive analysis in one platform.


With Clearplot, you can finally have all your data at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions with ease.

Discover how our technological advantage
can give you an edge in the market

Clearplot was founded on three principles:


We know that most people are visual learners who want to see their data in various ways


We take security seriously because it's vital to our clients' success

Cost Efficiency

We never want cost or complexity to be a barrier to getting started

Don’t take our word for it

I have worked with Clearplot at multiple companies. Each time it's been a pleasure! They not only find a way to make us more efficient but also take the time to ensure we know how to use the products correctly. Now wherever I go Clearplot will be coming with me.

Oscar G

Founder and CEO of Stringbit

I was getting eaten alive in cost with my previous Contact Solution. We couldn't grow the company because either it was too expensive or the product didn't work for us. Clearplot help us navigate a busy technology world. Their communication suite is world class but they also helped me lower my costs on Cloud Storage and our Fiber connection. I don't know what we'd do without them.

Clint P

COO of Safeguard Insurance Market

At any law firm privacy/confidentiality is always a top priority. Through the use of Clearplots solutions I have been able to provide my customers a first hand experience of legal briefs and ensure the utmost confidentiality. What a breath of fresh air to work with a team who wants to know what I need.

David S

Founder and CEO of National Health Connect

I started a small real estate company with an idea and passion. Most big companies laughed at me when I was looking for a "good deal." Clearplot not only designed my contact center, they incorporated it into my CRM to ensure that we can report on any data we can imagine! Now I have 27 realtors and we are all connected thanks the Clearplot and their fantastic team.

Lee F

Founder and CEO of Columbia Medical